A bit about Pontoon Boat Loading Guides

Inventor Frank R. Schiller of St. Walburg, SK has created a guide system for pontoon boat trailers that is intended to make loading of pontoon boats easier in rough water, and reduce possible damage to the boat.

Pontoon boats are a favourite for basic general boating. However, they are somewhat difficult to load onto transport trailers. While pontoon boat trailers will typically have guide rods in place, they are sometimes difficult to see in rough water. Also, should the rods contact the pontoons themselves; damage that is expensive to repair is likely to result. Inventor Schiller has created a means by which pontoon boats can be more easily loaded onto trailers.

This clever new invention reduces frustration. It saves time and money. It is made of long lasting construction. It comes standard or as optional equipment on new boat trailers. It adapts for use on other types of boat trailers as well. The use of the Pontoon Boat Loading Guide provides the ability to load and unload pontoon boats from a trailer, in a manner that is not only quick, easy, and effective, but safe and damage-free as well.

• made for pontoon boat trailers • makes loading pontoon boats easier • reduces damage to the boat • reduces frustration • saves time and money • adapts for use on other types of boat trailers

Here is the loading guides in use. On a side note the water was a little rough this day.

Posted by Pontoon Boat Loading Guides on Sunday, April 12, 2015

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Pontoon Boat Loading Guides make loading your boat so easy that anyone can do it!

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